Friday, April 17, 2009

let's get physical.

so, aside from the whole trying-to-get-organized thing, working from home (and a new home, to boot) has been an adventure in self-discipline. sas left me a wonderful comment a week or two ago that has really been helpful, especially in regards to carving out working hours (mine are really irregular and i'll often find myself working on spreadsheets at 10 p.m.) and not mistaking sitting around checking facebook (yep, did that a lot at my office job) for productivity anymore. so far i'm liking it, and the interesting thing is, i feel much busier than i have in a long time.

however, one of the things that has fallen by the wayside for me lately is exercise. not to toot my own horn, but in the past seven-ish months i've dropped two pants sizes. i'm not quite sure how it's happened--i think it has to do with adjusting my eating habits and being more active--but it's been a really painless process, especially because living in sarasota, a.k.a. paradise, makes it really easy to be active. or at least it did until i had to switch jobs and move in a week's time. now i'm lucky if i get in a 2- or 3-mile walk once a week. i'm still eating healthily, and i've been active, but when it comes to actually exercising, well...

so i think what i'm going to do is this: start getting up early and going for walks in the morning. i live close enough to the water to know that this is going to be incredibly pleasant, and i can think of nothing more soothing than gazing at the still, glassy waters of the bay early in the morning (and by early, people, i mean, like, after 7:30 a.m.) while listening to great music on my ipod and getting my blood flowing. oh, and the reason i'm rambling on about this is because writing about being healthy a few months ago really helped kick-start the aforementioned weight loss/lifestyle change for me. so i feel like sharing this little goal with you will do the same.

and so it's not all about me, tell me, my dears: how do you stay active? what healthy changes have you made in your own lives lately? i'm looking forward to reading about them!

p.s. i know i'm so behind the times with this, but kris allen's version of "falling slowly" from the movie once on idol on tuesday inspired me to download the original version--swoon.

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  1. Go you! I can't exercise in the morning. I hate the morning. But I've been keeping up exercising on the weekend and evenings three times a week. Not as good as when I was doing four times, but oh well. Trying to include more fruits and veggies in my diet, but the Easter baskets we got last weekend are not helping with that.

  2. Limiting my boozing really helps to keep the lbs off... which I have been really good about lately! Also, having my dog helps to keep me active... I would NOT be going for walks if it weren't for her. Puppies are best. :)

  3. i ran cross country in high school and basically haven't run since then...until last week! i ran my first mile in 10 years. how sad is that!? but it felt good.

  4. I just made the commitment with a friend of mine to meet her early at least one day a week for a walk. I've not been very athletic this winter (and, truly, usually I am and I know it's affected my mood, negatively, to not be out there) so I'm looking forward biking and hiking once the snow melts (it happens late here). Good for you for getting back into it!
    ps... yey, Julie, too!

  5. I'm trying to get back to pre-wedding weight (which is stupid, but whatevs). I swore I'd exercise every day this week...I exercised once. I suck. If only we could all magically be ~130...fuuuuuuuccccckkk. Lol!

  6. i hear ya. I'm trying to eat healthier and jumpstart things for more energy. Exercising more is definitely on my list!

  7. you guys are awesome! :) xoxo