Monday, April 20, 2009

true drew.

drew barrymore is one of those celebrities i feel like i could go grab a beer and talk about boys with, or get stuck in an elevator with and wind up having really random, interesting conversations about our pasts. she just seems so lovely. and while i could do without the veil and boa thing here, i am loving everything else about this look--from the red lips and nails to the gorgeous dress that i'd like to own, please, even if the only place i'd ever wear it is in my own apartment.

do you share my drew love? did you catch grey gardens this weekend? if so, what did you think?

{ image via here }


  1. love love love everything abt her. and i think the way u imagine her is definitely the reality! she is both a girl's and lad's lady. xx

  2. Only Drew could pull of this twenties look so flawlessly--I love it!

  3. i haven't seen the movie but I saw the dress about a week ago. She looks phenomenal in it.
    something you'll appreciate: I think i might be getting a stand mixer, cooks brand. yay!

  4. i saw the movie
    and i loved her in it
    she was absolutely perfect
    little edie!