Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends. I actually really enjoy this holiday—Hallmark and heart-shaped boxes of drugstore chocolate aside—because, sappy as it sounds, I can really get behind the idea of celebrating love. Not just romantic love, either—I'm talking about the kind we have for our friends, families and pets, too. Seriously: Some of the most fun Valentine's Days I've spent have been with my friends, and I love whipping up a batch of pink-frosted heart-shaped cookies or cutting hearts out of red construction paper. It's fun.

And Valentine's Day is a good excuse to be kind to ourselves, which is something I think we don't do enough. I have a full schedule today, but I'm taking tomorrow off to get out of town for the weekend and I plan on trying to completely unplug. I've lately fallen into the check-my-email-as-soon-as-I-open-my-eyes-in-the-morning trap, so unplugging—and spending time with ACS, of course—is definitely something I consider a self-kindness.

Whatever you do or don't do, I hope you have a Valentine's Day that's filled with love. xoxo

Photo: Julia and Paul Child's Valentine's Day card from their time in Plittersdorf on the Rhine. 


  1. I love this post! You are so right about everything. It is so important to celebrate love. Happy Valtntine's Day! xx. McKenna Lou

  2. Yes. To all of it. I don't know why the emphasis always seems to be on celebrating only if you are dating or married. It is such a great excuse to just be positive and loving (which we should be every day, but nobody's perfect.) ; ) Have a happy day!

  3. I love that photo of Julia and Paul Child's. So sweet! They are just too cute. Hope you have a great day.