Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Charleston: Fulton Lane Inn.

My mom has a hilariously terrible record of picking hotels, so when it comes time to plan a trip, I'm the one who does the research and ultimately picks where we'll stay. This trip was no exception, so when my time off from work had been approved (and after I made our Husk reservations!), I set to work making Google my BFF.

We ended up staying at Fulton Lane Inn, a sweet little hotel right in the middle of King Street. The hotel felt older (especially compared to the one we stayed in during our trip to Savannah, which was brand-new), but I loved that about it. We stayed on the third floor and our room was huge, with a flat-screen TV, two comfortable queen beds, a good-sized bathroom and lovely natural light. Even better: The hotel staff brought complimentary breakfast and coffee to our door every morning, and it felt so luxurious to be able to get ready at a leisurely pace and sip coffee from actual ceramic cups while we planned the day. (Full disclosure: The food wasn't great, but the gesture more than made up for that, and the coffee was perfectly good.)

The hotel also overlooks King Street, Charleston's bustling main drag and the home to lots of restaurants and shops. Thanks to its central location, we were able to walk everywhere--we parked the car the first day we arrived and didn't use it again until the day we left. It was great.

There're tons of amazing hotels and B&Bs in Charleston, but I would definitely stay at Fulton Lane Inn again, and I think my mom would agree. And so would my coworkers--turns out two of them have stayed there, too! Funny, huh?

P.S. Complimentary evening sherry, evening wine receptions and free Wi-Fi, too!

Fulton Lane Inn  | 202 King St., Charleston (843) 720-2600

Photo: My own.


  1. umm, complimentary evening sherry?! done and done.

    1. I know, right? And the coffee was right up there with the alcohol for me, too. ;)