Friday, June 22, 2012

Hats off.

I have a ginormous head.

No, really.

It doesn't look huge (...I don't think), but it is. For example, if I get a wild hair and decide I'd like to wear a hat, it's got to be a men's size large or extra-large--which means, as much as I would like to sport this cute J.Crew number, I generally don't wear hats. Sigh. Hard life, right?

Anyway, it has come to my attention that since Florida is sunny for a great part of the year--without a doubt one of the best parts about living here--I should probably get a big, floppy beach hat, mostly to avoid getting horribly sunburned on my pale, pale scalp. (Side note: Scalp sunburn is the worst, isn't it? Ouch.) (Second side note: "Scalp" is kind of a gross word.) So I'm on the hunt.

But I'm curious to know if you guys wear hats, too, to the beach or otherwise. And actually, do you wear headbands or other hair accessories, as well, or are you like me--happy with a brush, a hairband and the occasional bobby pin? And, ooh, most importantly, are you in the Big Head Club like I am?


  1. I've been wanting a big floppy beach hat for years but haven't done it yet. Don't know why. Kinda like rain boots. My hair is always up in a ponytail at the beach, and yes I do often get scalp burn, which sucks. One of these years I will absolutely try out a hat!

  2. I found a floppy beach hat last autumn at Target marked down to $1. Score! So I've been wearing that with a colorful ribbon wrapped around it. I occasionally wear one of my daughter's big flower hair clips, even though it probably seems a bit juvenile for someone in their 30's (but hey, I love flowers!)

  3. I have a big head too!! When I went to racecar school, my helmet was an XXL. Not even kidding :)

    I've had a handful of hats over the years, but the only time I wear one consistently is when I'm out on a run. It's one of the best ways to keep my shortish hair under control while bopping down the street.