Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a life we loved.

the new york times magazine does an annual feature called "the lives they loved," in which readers are invited to submit photographs of people they loved who died during the previous 12 months. my aunt judy sent me the link this morning and asked me if i wanted to write something about my grandmother.

of course, i said yes.

i'm not sure if our paragraph will make it online or into the issue; i guess we'll see. but i thought i'd share this funny picture of my awkward 12-year-old (i think) self, my seven-year-old brother and my wonderful grandmother, who wore her hair in a french twist every day for 50 years and loved her family more than anything.


  1. That is the sweetest photo! Your grandma was beautiful! xoxo

  2. So sweet ~ family is everything. :)

  3. I think all three of you look absolutely beautiful. What a sweet, happy, loving photo! I hope your tribute to her makes it in.