Friday, December 16, 2011

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday, friends -- we made it to the weekend (and the last weekend before christmas, at that!). have you finished all your shopping and baking and prepping? have you made your new year's plans?

i'm finalizing all of the above -- next week will be the great cookie bake of 2011, and the final slew of holiday parties -- and this weekend i'm going out of town (and doing a little early gift-exchanging while i'm at it). i'm really looking forward to it; it's always nice to get away and i've been feeling a little off-kilter lately, anyway (a bit snappy, less motivated to exercise, etc.) since thanksgiving, so i think it'll do me good.

posting will probably be a bit lighter around here until the new year, but i'll still be around -- and until next time, what are your plans for the weekend?


photo from rue magazine


  1. Same here... finishing up. And a bit snappy! My sister's coming Monday, so I'm excited about that.
    Everything looks beautiful here, Megan. Happy holidays to you!!

  2. Your plans sound lovely, especially the cookie baking. Have a great weekend and happy holidays! : )

  3. This weekend is 'fake Christmas' at the boyfs mums. it also is the 4th Christmas celebration I've had this week. i could do with just sitting and finishing some gifts but were in Manchester so they'll have to wait for later.
    Hope we get a little sneak peek at your cookies. Xx