Monday, December 5, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

happy monday, friends. it's looking like a busy week ahead -- full of projects and dinners and more pulling-together of christmas gifts for friends and family. things may be a little quiet around here (although i've got a sweet etsy shop to share with you tomorrow, at the very least), but i'll try to check in later in the week. until then, here are five happy things from the weekend:

+ (speaking of presents) baggu totally coming through on holiday gifts this year. i can't recommend them enough.
+ a long walk around my neighborhood, which i don't do nearly as often as i should.
+ the pumpkin and goat cheese risotto i mentioned last week. totally delicious.
+ gingerbread lattes. yum.
+ an impromptu, wine-fueled friday-night dance party with friends to the rap hits of the '90s (think: notorious b.i.g. and tupac.) totally hilarious.

and five commitments for the week:

+ patience. i really need some.
+ ice cream. (yes, you read that right.) i think it's about time i try out my new ice-cream maker, don't you? any flavors you absolutely love that i should try?
+ a new book. not sure what it'll be yet, but i'm open to recommendations. (i just read mindy kaling's new one, is everyone hanging out without me? and other concerns, and loved it. highly recommend.)
+ outside time. the weather has been perfect -- highs in the 70s and low 80s, lows in the 50s and 60s. i love having my air conditioner off.
+ and i'm recycling one from last week: just breathe.also: remember this thought -- last paragraph.

have a great week -- what are your goals for the next few days?

gorgeous photo by karin mathilda


  1. Ice cream, and turning off your air conditioner? You crack me up. :-) Meanwhile, there's snow in the forecast this week up here.

  2. @mary -- ha, i know! oh, the winter life of floridian...

  3. Meg, are we secretly the same person? Because your commitments this week are really close to mine. I haven't quite purchased the ice cream maker yet but I have a gift card that is waiting for it.

    Flavors I think sound interesting (and am planning to make): Raspberry chocolate chip and then a batch of peach (maybe make both and have a chocolatey peach melba?)

    Your weekend sounds awesome. I'm super jealous of your risotto.

  4. tiffy, i enjoy the thought that we are commitment-twins. :) also, wow, raspberry chocolate chip ice cream sounds amaaaazing.

  5. cranking out the ice-cream maker sounds good to me!

    off to check out that book recc.

  6. I am so going to email you recipes for icecream. just let me figure out which ones to share first!