Monday, September 13, 2010

the weekend + yay! + committing to...

happy monday, friends! did you have a good weekend? i spent yesterday basking in the glow of sunday's lazy light (and recovering from my stupid cold), and while i'm not quite sure i'm entirely better, or entirely ready for a new week, i am glad it's here, if that makes sense.

but before i get into this week's "committing to...," herewith the "yay!" portion of this post's title: i am so excited and so honored to be featured in the lovely and talented jane flanagan's "where we blog from" series this morning. jane's blog is one my daily must-reads, a favorite and a constant source of inspiration, and i often wish that she lived in sarasota, or i in toronto, because i feel like we'd be real-life friends. to see a few photos of my (very humble) abode, you can click right here! and a huge thanks to jane for having me.

and, finally, here's this week's "committing to..." it's a quickie, but all three of these things are at the forefront of my mind right now. (side note: sometimes these "committing to..." lists make me feel a little, um, benjamin franklin, but i love them, and i love hearing your weekly goals, so i'll keep 'em coming if you will, ok?)

+ taking care of myself. being sick always makes me refocus on this one. so: early to bed, lots of fruits and veggies, lots of antioxidant-rich green tea. and honestly? all of that sounds really good right now.
+ thinking before i react. i am extremely emotional and tend to respond to things before i think them through. now, more than ever, i really need to work on that.
+ finding ways to satisfy my creative cravings. i'm not quite sure how to do that, but i need to figure it out because lately i've been feeling pretty bereft in this department. anyone have any writing projects they need help with?

so that's it for me, for today. again, thank you to jane -- and i'll see you back here tomorrow!

photo: kelly hill


  1. Love seeing your space over on Ill Seen, Ill Said. I love taking peeks into my blog friend's worlds. :) xo.

  2. Ahh thank you! I feel the exact same way - move to Toronto!!

    And these commitments really resonate with me, especially the emotional one. I spent a long time thinking I wasn't emotional at all, and now I think I'm such a sensitive little thing - typical Cancerian - all tough outer shell etc! And taking better care of my well-being - that's a constant thing I need reminding of!

    Hope you find a lovely new creative outlet soon!

  3. So fun seeing you over at Ill Seen, Ill Said! And definitely keep up the 'committing to's....I may not always participate, but I do read and think about what I'm going to focus on that week. This week....I'm going to get up early twice to exercise before work, I'm going to dance with my boys and wait until they go to bed to do the dishes, and I'm going to continue enjoying a tv-free week.

  4. So it's not really a creative outlet per se, but I decided to start a physical inspiration board where I can put up images and words and other bits and pieces which inspire me for those days when I just am feeling quite un-creative... maybe that could help you as well?