Thursday, September 2, 2010

little letters.

dear september,
i really like that you're the kind of month that people write songs about. i never used to like you this much, but now? now i do.

dear upcoming three-day weekend,
thank you.

dear thursday,
yay: you often culminate in cocktails. fairly certain today is no exception.

dear oscar-cat,
thanks for being such a snuggly little fluffernutter, and for always wanting to sit next to me on the couch (even on the days when i'm pouty or irritable and wouldn't particularly want to sit next to myself). there's something so comforting about that.

dear magazines,
you are big and chock-full of pretty clothes and interesting articles this month.
p.s. i will always love you.

dear new drew barrymore movie,
i hope you're as cute as you look.

dear gym,
you and i? we're going to be b.f.f.s from this point on.

dear fall,
i feel you in the air -- in the mornings and as in the evening breeze, as the sun is setting -- and i couldn't be happier.

dear readers,
as always, you are so awesome. thanks for being here. xoxo!

photo by the sartorialist.

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