Tuesday, September 7, 2010

two of a kind.

i don't write about music on this blog nearly as much as i should. i am one of those people who would be sincerely happy if real life was one big episode of glee and if i had music playing almost all day, every day. i need music to drive, to work, to inspire. so i thought i'd give you two songs that i'm loving lately, that both share a common theme -- unrequited, unattainable love -- but that have completely different takes on the subject. the first video, by mayer hawthorne, has such a sweet, motown-era nostalgia to it; it's the kind of music that you want to listen to while sitting outside by the water, sipping a cocktail.

the second video, by cee-lo green, is definitely not suitable for work, so if you're in an office that you share with others, speakers in or volume down, please. (there is a safe-for-work-and-mainstream-radio version of this song -- "forget you" -- but it really takes away from the raw sentiments, i think.) if this doesn't make you get up and dance (or at least laugh), well, then, i don't know what to say. i do hope you enjoy both of these, though.

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