Friday, July 17, 2009

what are you doing this weekend?

what are you up to this weekend, lovelies? i am catching up with one of my favorite people, who has finally returned to srq after a month-long vacay in connecticut; hopefully hitting up the farmer's market; arranging and organizing all the new stuff i've acquired for my apartment (more on that next week); and maybe whipping up some sort of baked good.

and you? xoxo

{ photo: orangette }


  1. catching up as well ...I work right through the weekends! This photo is so pretty. Happy Weekend to you!

  2. This photo is so peaceful, and yet bright. I love it. xox g.

  3. i'm apartment hunting/signing a lease this weekend! yay! and harry potter/shopping. maybe even with the beach thrown in there!

  4. maegan, good luck with all your work this weekend! i hope you get some relaxation time.

    g.--thanks! i love molly's snapshots.

    tiff--i want an update on the apartment after you find one!


  5. sounds like a fabulous weekend--hope you had fun!! I love catching up with old friends :-)

    P.S new site is finally up!!