Monday, July 6, 2009

flora and fauna.

one thing that i feel like i'm missing out on by living in an apartment is the ability to have a garden. sure, i can--and do--have fresh flowers in vases in my kitchen, and i'm definitely a fan of sweet little succulents, but since i don't have a yard, anything more than that is pretty unrealistic.

still, i like to daydream about leisurely strolling through my future garden (in my head, it's very much like the secret garden) and sitting among the flowers with a book and my ipod, so when i saw this genius bike-as-planter idea i immediately filed it away in my "to-do-when-i--actually-own-a-house-with-yard" file. pretty snazzy, yes?

do you all garden? i've decided that i am going to start a little herb garden on my lanai--there's something so appealing about the idea of being able to grow my own basil, sage, etc. for cooking. yum!

{ photo by the lovely nicole }Link


  1. I don't garden, but I have a garden! Paul is good at it. We had a little one when we lived in the city, too. I adored it. There's nothing like having your morning coffee surrounded by plants and chirping birds (and screeching traffic...but I even loved that, too!)

    Great photo:)

  2. We have a flower garden that I adore. I didn't plant it (no talent there) but I care for it now. I keep meaning to keep pots of fresh basil... and I'd love mint. I think I'd kill them though! You should definitely do it! Love the bike, too.

  3. Yes. Love to garden. I especially love our herb garden this year as we use it daily. Much fun.