Tuesday, March 10, 2009

springing forward.

last weekend, i went to visit my parents. they still live in the house i grew up in, and no matter what's going on in my life (and lately, that's a lot), it's always a comfort to come back to something so familiar, to a place i know so well.

while there, i got to catch up with my dear friend s. we had a delicious lunch at a local restaurant (salmon for me; crab cakes for him), then got coffee and took a long walk. it was a perfect florida spring day--about 75 degrees and sunny--and we talked and laughed and snapped pictures and had a wonderful time.

Linkafter that reunion, i headed over to borders and picked up a copy of a book i've been wanting to read for quite awhile: molly wizenberg's a homemade life: stories and recipes from my kitchen table. for those of you who don't know, molly is the writer behind the amazing blog orangette, one of my must-reads. and i kid you not when i tell you that i read her whole book in a few hours. i can't remember the last time i did that. it made for such a nice, relaxing evening. i highly recommend it and can tell you that molly's book is lovely and light and very true to her blog's style.

i'm off now to go eat a cadbury creme egg (guilty pleasure, and so sweet it makes my teeth hurt, but so worth it!) and get myself organized for the day. have a lovely morning, my dears--and tell me, have you read any good books lately? xoxo

{ book photo via orangette; yellow tree photo by me. }

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