Friday, March 6, 2009

movin' on up.

i’ve mentioned a couple of times in the past few days that i’m moving out of my tiny-but-well-loved studio apartment at the end of the month. full disclosure: i’m not entirely happy about this, but my lease didn’t get renewed by my idiot landlord (ahem. sorry), and you know what? that’s fine. i’m getting more space (a bedroom!) for a cheaper price in a still-downtown neighborhood, and that’s a good thing.

what’s not a good thing is the hideous, tomato-red living-room wall in (what will hopefully be) the new apartment, painted by the former tenants, and the ugly, circa-1970s mural hiding in the closet near the kitchen. i’m also not a huge fan of carpet, which this place has, but the landlord is going to replace it for me and i figure i can lay some huge, bright-and-cheery rugs down on top—i’m sure it’s going to be white or taupe. (the photo above of holly’s new nampshire living room is my inspiration.)

aside from that, i’m trying to think of paint colors and ways to make my new space my own. my current crop of stuff is blue and green and beachy, and i’m perfectly happy with it—however, since browsing through nicole’s flickr photostream, i’ve sort of been in love with the idea of having a purple room (above). my friend s. has a pink-walled bedroom and it’s feminine and romantic, so that’s also a possibility. and i know, without a doubt, that i want to have a chalkboard wall somewhere. seriously. (have you seen bee’s chalkboard office? it’s glorious.) i have this vision in my head of having a little housewarming party and my friends writing notes on the chalkboard wall—i really like that.

what have you been inspired by lately? and p.s., happy, happy weekend! xoxo

{ images via holly and nicole }


  1. LOVE the chalkboard wall idea!! i am continually inspired by mostly white rooms that still manage to squeeze in a lot of personality and color. have a great weekend! :)

  2. Check out my friend's house(s)...

    She's like the friend you love, but also hate for being so rich and gorgeous and and and!

  3. oh my gosh, hayley, i am totally!

  4. hi megan. just found your blog and love it! love from one irish girl to another

    kerri x

  5. I had a lavender bedroom for awhile and still swoon a little when I remember it. I say you should try the purple! (and if you don't like it, such a light color is really easy to paint over!)

  6. Moving is tough but exciting. Congrats;) My one piece of learned-the-hard-way advice is to sit with your walls, even if you can't stand them, for a little while. Don't do like I did and try to rectify hideous orange with bright-as-sun yellow. If I could change one thing about our move, I would've stipulated that the previous owners paint everything white first, so I didn't feel compelled to change it all immediately!

    And, in the end, you can't go wrong with neutrals.

  7. bee--thanks! such good advice. maybe i'll make the landlord paint over that wall...after all, it was the previous tenants' doing. can't wait to see more of your house pix! xoxo