Thursday, March 5, 2009

friends and neighbors.

my dears, here are some new (at least to me) blogs you might find interesting:

gypsy lynne—she lived in the same town i grew up in before moving to texas. isn’t her house pretty?

hashai—i was tipped off to this blog via a post of anh-minh’s. great writing, beautiful pictures. you’ll love.

it's mary ruffle—i especially like reading her posts in the morning; the photos are like coffee for my eyes.

reading my tea leaves—just a delightful little blog. i especially like the "week in objects" posts.

{ image via it's mary ruffle. }


  1. megan! thank you so much for such kind words on my blog and here too. i've subscribed to your posts too! happy thursday!

  2. wow!! thanks so much for mentioning me!! it just made my week!! :)