Thursday, March 12, 2009

deep thought?

over the past few days, i've been hearing versions of this statement over and over and over again: "you are what you love." and i've been trying to think of one thing that i love that totally defines me. maybe--probably--it's many things, though (i like that idea best of all).

what about you? do you believe that we are what we love? who and what do you love?

{ image via christopher david ryan--it's one of my all-time favorites. }


  1. eeek, I loooove style and fashion and art. what does that even meeean for me? my poor husband.


  2. I absolutely believe in that--you live what you love, you are what you love, etc. I love to be exposed to beautiful images, things, definitely adds lightness and inspiration to the daily grittiness of life! Great image :-)

  3. dallas--me, too! and food and people and music and books and and and... :)

    and tanya, the more i reread the quote, the more i believe it, too.


  4. i tend to talk in extremes...something will be the best thing EVER, or will be life changing. :) when i love something, i LOVE it!! music, food, photography, wine, etc., etc. but my relationships with my husband and my brothers are what get me through. great post!

  5. i see love as reflection . . . looking at someone/ thing/ where and seeing something back that you want to see more of in yourself . . .

    did you know that a kaleidoscope only works because the mirrors are looking at one another? i think that's what love is