Thursday, January 22, 2009

let's ride.

i’ve been obsessed with the idea of buying a bike lately, so even though i woke up this morning and it was 30 degrees outside(!), i couldn’t help but think that—if i piled on three coats, some gloves and a scarf—it would be nice to take a bike ride by the bay.

village bikes, a bicycle shop and coffee bar (awesome combo) here in sarasota, is a great source for all things cycling related; they even carry the electra models that i’ve been drooling over lately. for the past couple of months, i’ve really been into appreciating the outdoors—whether through kayaking, spending a lazy sunday on a boat, strolling the farmer’s market on saturday mornings or just walking around my neighborhood—and so purchasing a bike seems like the next logical step.

do you all own bikes? how often do you ride them? when i was little, i had a barbie-pink bike with streamers, then upgraded to a teal blue number that said “cheeks” across the back of the seat in big white letters. slightly embarrassing, but great for pedaling over to my friends’ houses nonetheless.

{ lovely lady above via the sartorialist, of course. i’d love to look that chic on my bike! }

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