Wednesday, January 7, 2009


while reading another web site yesterday, i clicked on a link and ended up at c jane enjoy it, a blog i know many of you know and love. in one specific post, jane recounted her 2008 and said something that struck me--and the writer i was reading--as incredibly profound:

"i realized the secret to happiness is to continually fall in love.

to give the soul reasons for butterflies."

how wonderful a sentiment is that? so i started thinking about the things i'm in love with right now and came up with a random, but happy (to me), list:

grande skinny vanilla lattes from starbucks (iced, please). the typewriter in the photo above--my aunt's by way of my grandfather, and now mine--a christmas present. sarasota (it's true). my incredible friends. pea dumplings with lots of garlic, cucumber-yogurt-mint salad and homemade tabouli (my friend m. and i had a cooking day on saturday, and that's what we made). semicolons. watercolory sunsets over the bay. oscar (of course). fancy soap. and this glorious, scary, all-encompassing life i call my very own.

tell me, my dears: what are you in love with right now? xo!

{ photo above taken by me for this blog }


  1. Oooh! What a fun post! I adore the skinny vanillas from starbucks! Also, if you like fancy soap, you should check out Etsy. I used to make soap all the time (really fun soap) and sell it on Etsy. I don't anymore, but their are some crazy good soaps there :)

    Like your blog!
    xx. mavvie

  2. Forgot to tell you - LOVE that typewriter, what a perfect gift for you :)