Monday, January 12, 2009

ah, technology.

my best friends know that i’m a little bit of a tech whore. yes, i love clothes and shoes and bags and pretty little things, but i also love gadgets. i’m dying for a macbook air, even though i really, really don’t need one. i also want a new digital camera, one of those really cool little pocket-size video cameras and a flat-screen tv.

(before you write me off as completely shallow and materialistic, please note: none of these things are going to be purchased anytime in the near future, and they very definitely fall under the “things i want” category of my life—not “things i need.”)

anyway, over the holidays i did upgrade my phone. for the past two years, i had a second-generation sidekick, and when i first got it, i thought it was amazing. i couldn’t believe how easy it was to text on the qwerty keypad, and i was so happy to be able to get on the internet and check my e-mail.

but, as we all know, technology changes really fast, and soon my little sidekick became known in my circle of friends as the “chunkster” or the “taser,” thanks to admittedly hilarious comments by my friends a. and t. (the birth of the iphone and the slimming-down of other technology definitely contributed to those monikers.) it was so heavy—at least for a mobile phone—that it actually weighed down my purse. so i decided i needed a new phone—and not solely because of my friends’ comments; also because i’d recently dropped the sidekick down a flight of stairs (good thing the back was made of something rubberlike, because that thing bounced) and caused some internal damage to it.

i initially wanted an iphone, but for multiple reasons, i realized that it wasn’t the right fit for me (even though i still love it and am enamored with the “shazam” application). so, after deciding to stick with t-mobile, with whom i’ve never had any kind of problem, i ended up buying a blackberry curve 8320—it’s sleek, professional, allows me to have a facebook application (i’m addicted), came with an awesome rebate/upgrade price and, for some reason—maybe because of the way i receive e-mail and texts on it—makes me feel much more connected to the people i love, which is never a bad thing. plus, it takes video, has a good camera and sports an alarm clock (which my sidekick did not, much to my chagrin).

i’ve even started putting my appointments into the calendar application—i usually just rely on memory, so this is a big move for me—and i feel much more organized. i hope i can keep it up.

what kind of cell phone do you have? and how do you use yours? (i think i text more than i talk—wonder if that’s the writer in me?) if you have an iphone, do you love it? or is technology totally unimportant to you? in spite of this tech-centered post, my tv has definitely not been used much lately.

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  1. I love gadgets too! At first release, I wanted the MacBook Air too! However, I learned that you have to purchase an external DVD/CD drive - which made it too bulky for me.
    I also want an iPhone. However, I tried texting on it and I couldn't even type my name because of that damn touch screen.
    Oh - no - I just realized I may be totally bumming you out...not my intention...sometimes I am too honest...
    Currently, I have a treo {old one} and I text all the time too.
    I am ready for an updated phone...still want the iPhone - but I don't want to have troubles texting...

  2. alison: you're not bumming me out! :) i realized that about the macbook air, too, so i think when i eventually buy a new computer i'll just go for the good old macbook. and i felt the same way about texting on the iphone! i still think it's super cool, but the blackberry keypad is much more tactile and that makes it easier for me! i text so much that it's just easier for me...

  3. I have an LG scoop thing, not fancy...doesn't have internet. But I do like dreaming of high tech days!