Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day.

i am feeling cautiously optimistic. nervously hopeful. but mostly, really, really, really ready for change.

tonight, after a workout, i’m going to park myself on my couch and watch election coverage until i absolutely have to go to sleep. i’m also going to whip up this recipe, which the oh-so-lovely molly of orangette posted (um, i’m totally in love with her blog, by the way). sure, it kind of negates the aforementioned workout, but on a night like this, we need comfort food. and hey, i’ll eat it with a salad.

what’s your favorite comfort food? what are you doing tonight? are you having an election party or, like me, are you going to be glued to the tube?

p.s. i know that election day far and away trumps halloween, but since i didn’t post yesterday, i just have to say that i had a fantastic friday (dressed up in fairy princess garb, no less) and that i hope you did, too! what were your costumes?

p.p.s. one last psa: this blog is going up around 1:45 p.m. eastern time, which means that there’s still tons of time for you to get out and vote if you haven’t. please, please, please go. for all of our sakes.

{ image above taken by moi. sorry for the gratuitous boob shot, but i'm proud of my sticker...and that's how obama and i roll; he's close to my heart! }


  1. I know this is weird but for some reason I somehow thought that was a picture of your butt at first, haha! Hey you got a really cool sticker! I didn't even get one! The lady forgot and I was so excited to get out of there quickly, I didn't miss it until I was driving away. We will be staying up as late as we can too, glued to the tube.

  2. haha, um, no--not my butt! :) but yeah, isn't the sticker cool? it's fancy!

    yay obama!

  3. My comfort food is usually some kind of pasta like mac-n-cheese - yum!