Monday, April 2, 2012

scenes from the weekend + committing to...

what a weekend: after a fun dinner with my friends k. and s. on friday night, i got to meet stacy london (!) on saturday afternoon at a mall in brandon, florida -- and fellow what not to wear fans, rest assured that stacy is just as funny and warm and, yes, direct in person as she is on television. it was such a great experience and it made me start thinking about how i want to dress this spring/summer -- always a fun thing to contemplate. (fyi: stacy says natural fibers like cotton blends and silks are best in heat, and she also says no linen, because you'll look like a mess the second you sit down. good to know.)

sunday was a quiet, and though i spent some time outside by the water in the beautiful weather, the majority of the day was dedicated to doing work, laundry and grocery shopping. (i made a big pot of this soup -- flavorful and no-fail, seriously.)

it's a short week for me at work, which is exciting, but as is the case with all short weeks, it's shaping up to be a busy one -- lots of new projects on the horizon. so i'm planning on buckling down -- and in that spirit, here are my little goals for the week:

+ cut back on sugar -- this is actually my goal for the entire month of april. i've noticed that my sweet intake has gone up lately, and honestly, while i love a treat as much as the next girl, too much of a good thing makes me feel yucky. so i'm going to go easy on the white stuff (and use natural sweeteners, like agave nectar and honey, if i have to have them) and replace my usual desserts with fruit. (tonight, for example, i'm having orange slices with cinnamon and honey. yum.)

+ continue the waking-up-early thing. i've been doing really well with it; here's to keeping it up.

+ organize my closet -- it's kind of scary in there and i think it's time for a goodwill drop-off.

+ do my taxes. (sigh.)

how about you -- what are your goals for the week?

photos -- little vignettes around my apartment -- by me.

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  1. Cute photos!

    Sounds like it was a good weekend. I love What Not To Wear.

    I have family members that live near Brandon.

    And that's it for my random thoughts. ; )