Monday, February 23, 2009

we were both young when i first saw you...

so...taylor swift is not someone whose songs i ever thought i'd quote. however, this line from her amazingly catchy "love story" is killing me:

you were everything to me--
i was begging you "please, don't go."

all i have to say right now is damn. (and also, have you ever noticed that when you're feeling emotional, every song on the radio has heightened meaning? today i heard lifehouse's "broken," followed immediately by eve 6's "here's to the night." good god, people. i almost melted into my car seat.)

what song does it for you right now?

{ image: le love. doesn't it remind you a little of peter pan and wendy? }


  1. I admit it... I went out and bought the new Taylor Swift CD. When I am feeling all emotional, I play it and love every word!

  2. aww, alicia, i love that! it's amazing how music can touch our little pink hearts, isn't it? :)