Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3,2,1...i do!

the other day, i woke up laughing because i'd just had a dream about getting married. but it wasn't an ordinary wedding dream--oh, no. thanks to a friend who put up a facebook status message about running out of gas smack-dab of the middle of a busy sarasota intersection, i dreamed that i was having a joint wedding with the lovely mel that took place at said intersection. one side of the street was completely closed off, and we processed down the road to the crosswalk, where a priest was waiting. the dream didn't get to the actual wedding ceremony itself, but i remember walking down the road with my husband-to-be in a very poufy wedding gown. (the best part of the dream was that i was apparently marrying a friend i've known since i was eight years old. i remember thinking, "he's so cute and nice, but we haven't seen each other in such a long time...why are we getting married?", but he kept saying to me, "this is the happiest day of my life!" aw.)

anyway, like i said, i wasn't super-thrilled with the dress with which i chose to outfit myself in the dream. but i do think the dress above, from the always reliable j.crew, is lovely and i'd love to get married in it one day. i'd do a low bun with a deep side part and a crimson lip, and i think i'd be very, very happy.
how do you feel about j.crew wedding dresses? xo!

{ image: j.crew }


  1. oh man. Joint wedding at an intersection. Why didn't I think of that? lol

  2. The first dress I bought was a J-crew wedding dress. The fabric was just TERRIBLE and looked nothing like the picture. I was so disappointed. I DO love the look of the dress you posted though!

  3. aww...cute but strange wedding ceremony. I am wondering what the street means in this dream...interesting.

  4. mel: well, you and joe will just have to renew your vows with me at an intersection when i get married. which at this point looks to be about 100 years from now. ;) ha! xoxo

    alison: i know, it was really strange! i looked up what "street" supposedly means in's dream dictionary--i was doing it quickly--and it says "profitable new ventures or associations," which...might make sense, considering i was getting married? haha! i don't know!