Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sleep to dream.

i am in love with this photo. i love reading in bed, and i feel like this picture captures the moment you first begin to fall asleep with a book in your hands.

p.s. what are you reading right now?

{ image from here }


  1. i'm currently reading the ultimate hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. i'd definitely recommend it :-).

  2. Great photo! I'm reading Eat Pray Love - yes, I know I'm so behind the book reading times!

  3. ooh, joanna, i've been meaning to check out gilead...are you liking it?

    and diana, i LOVED eat, pray, love. i read it again a few weeks ago when i needed a pick-me-up. did you know that she wrote the article that inspired the movie coyote ugly? i was so surprised to find that out!