Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lemur love.

Every so often, I think that I want to leave Sarasota and go live somewhere completely different (like, hello, San Diego). I've lived in Florida my entire life and sometimes the urge for a change of scenery is so strong that I actually start to research other cities, trying to figure out what it would be like to live in one of them.

But then Sarasota surprises me with something like a stunning sunset, a perfect 75-degree day or an experience that you can't have anywhere else. Case in point: The Lemur Conservation Foundation lemur reserve in Myakka City, just a short drive from where I live. A few months ago, my boss and I were invited to take a tour of the facility and meet the lemurs living there, who are are in serious danger of going extinct thanks to the turmoil in their native Madagascar. It was one of the most unique (and uniquely Sarasota) experiences I've ever had, and really special since the reserve isn't open to the public. And surprise: Turns out, I love lemurs. They're laid-back but curious little creatures, and when we ventured out into the woods where they live, many of them came right up to us and some of them even tried to paw through our purses.

The entire experience was unforgettable, and it led to this story in our September issue, written by one of our regular contributors (who, side note, is also the author of a great book about coming of age in New York called The Frog King). The piece is a must-read, and if the last few paragraphs don't make you cry—or at least well up—well, then, you're dead to me. Also, the photography, by Kim Longstreet, is amazing; the little lemurs and their personalities are captured so vividly. I'm really proud of the quality of work our magazine produces and I think this piece is a fine example of it. If you read it, I hope you really enjoy it.

Photography by Kim Longstreet for Sarasota magazine


  1. Tagging the piece to read this week! Lovely photography. These guys look so friendly!

  2. The baby lemur is so tiny and adorable! I just want to scoop it up and put it in my purse for permanent furry sidekick status.

  3. Whaaaat who would have thought?! They are ridiculously cute. This makes me wonder what else Florida has to offer that I somehow haven't experienced yet (I've lived here 17 years, I mean--I should know something!