Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hair apparent.

First things first: If you're reading this post in Google Reader or some other RSS service, might I suggest you click over to my blog? It got a little facelift yesterday and I'm super happy with it.Yay!

Second of all: Do you mind if we talk about hair for a minute? I am in the midst of a bit of a conundrum. Every summer, I think about doing something different with my locks -- two years ago they were super long; last year I chopped them off. In the winter, I added ombre highlights, and I still like them, but I want something a little different. So I'm thinking: bangs.

Here's the thing: I have a round face and hair that is not straight, not curly, and tends to frizz in the Florida humidity. I am also not someone who can go for several days without washing her hair; I wash my hair daily  -- and sometimes twice daily, depending on whether it's hot outside/I sweat, etc. So I'm thinking longer, side-swept bangs might work (kind of like these that Lauren from Walnut Animal Society is sporting, and yes, I realize it is slightly stalkery to link to that Instagram photo!), because I can clip them back if needed, and also, if I decide to grow them out, they'll kind of blend into my hair.

But I also know myself in the morning, and I know that sometimes I just have no desire to do anything with my hair other than pull it back into a ponytail. Will bangs make that ponytail look nicer, though? Or will they just be a hassle?

I'm curious: Where do you stand on the subject?

Photo credit: Unknown. Please let me know if you know it and I'll add it immediately.


  1. I personally think that bangs like that will blend easily or be clipped back in a hurry (because absolutely, we all have days when hair just isn't a priority!) And I bet they'd look good with a ponytail. I think as long as you do keep them longish (so that they can be pushed to the side) you're good to go. But then I kind of already told you this on Twitter. ; )

  2. Love the new looks, Megs! It's so pretty. As for bangs...I got some longish side-swept ones a couple months ago, which I was freaked out about since my hair is SO curly. But I wanted bangs for when my hair was straight. I love them. I say go for it. Like you said, you can clip them back if you need to, but they'll give you a nice little lift when you wear a ponytail. Can't wait to see what you do!! xoxo

  3. New design looks great!

    I had side-swept bangs for a while as well... They worked well with my round face and frizzy natural locks! Therefore I must say a resounding: "Go for it!" But be sure to share pics. ;)