Wednesday, December 30, 2009

to all that is gentle, kind and forgiving...

i am not quite sure where to begin this post.

but i think we can all agree that 2009 was quite a doozy, no?

personally, i lost a job that i loved. i got another, sort of, but floundered for awhile. i made some bad relationship choices. i was financially irresponsible. i drank and slept too much. i lost sight of myself for a few months.

but i also strengthened friendships and created new ones. i found another job that i love (and started it on monday). i learned that even when i'm losing things, i can be strong--and i've learned that letting go can hurt like crazy, but it's necessary to move forward. i discovered that happiness happens in tiny, significant moments, and if you blink, you can miss them. moments. that word is magical, to me.

yes, 2009 was quite a doozy. 2010 is going to be what i--we--make it. and i'm thinking it should be awesome. so i'm making peace with 2009. i'm giving myself the gift of closure. and i'm looking forward to making many magic moments in 2010.

are you with me?

{ happy new year, everyone. see you monday, january 4, if not sooner. oh, and image via one of my new-found favorite blogs, notebook doodles. a nice thought to end the year, yes? (psst. karey m. i think you might love this blog as much as i do.) }