Monday, November 23, 2009

office space.

so, you guys? i have a problem. i work from home now, and i don't have an office space. my current work set-up consists of me sitting on the floor with my laptop perched on my coffee table, a pen and notebook beside it. this is not acceptable. not only does it make me feel totally unorganized, it also makes me feel slightly crazy.

so i've been trolling around looking at inspiring workspaces, because i've realized that a desk, at least, is essential, and i just loved victoria's--isn't it bright and cheery? and those of you who work from home--any office space tips?

{ photos by victoria, a.k.a. sfgirlbybay }


  1. aww, it's hard to work from home with no office! i only do it rarely, but i end up working from the kitchen. I think you have to start with just a big plain table and a good chair. if you're anywhere close to an IKEA, they have great table tops with mix-and-match legs. one of those little file organizers can keep your supplies (paper pads, files for projects) contained, but at hand. cant wait to see what you come up with! love, jenn-o

  2. for some reason, I've always thought the closet turned to office was a really creative and cool idea.