Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I am not one of those girls who is super-attached to her hair, which I think is a good thing: There is a lot of other stuff I get worked up about, and my hair does not need to be part of that. Over the past couple of years, it's been really long, really short, mid-length, layered, un-layered, dyed ombre and dyed back to its natural color. I've never done anything really dramatic, like dye it blonde or chop it into a pixie, but my philosophy is basically, "It's just hair. It'll grow back."

That said, I have discovered that my hair looks best in a shoulder-length-or-slightly-above bob, and I've actually kept it that length for almost a year, which is a big deal for me. Unfortunately, something I have not yet discovered is exactly what to do from a styling standpoint: My impetus is always to straighten it, but my hair's naturally wavy texture plus the Florida humidity equals some interesting hair behavior on days when the weather's not perfect.

I'm going to see my stylist, Niki, soon, so I've been doing some Pinterest reconaissance, and I think for the first time ever I'm going to ask Niki to show me how to style my hair so that it looks good with waves as opposed to flat-ironing it into submission. Here are my inspiration photos. 

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your hair? Do you put a lot of effort into it, or do you just let it do what it wants? And yes, I realize this post is 100 percent frivolous, but sometimes those are the most fun!

P.S. The other question I'm forever asking myself when it comes to hair: Bangs or no bangs?

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  1. Much to my mother's chagrin (do we ever grow out of wanting to please our mothers?) I tend to let my hair do whatever it wants, including letting it air dry, or if I take a shower at night letting it "bed dry". This basically means a lot of messy buns & pony tails 80% of the week and okish-when-down hair the other 20%. But you know what? I'm in a creative field and I can get away with not being super polished. As for my mother, I just tell her that it's very Parisian of me to not worry so much about what my hair is doing, and since we both think that Parisians are the height of chic it tends to shut her up...for a few minutes at least.
    One styling tool I adore for wavy hair is my T3 Bodywaver. It's crazy expensive, but gives me Victoria Secret Model Hair in under 15 minutes.

  2. I have thick, wavy near the bottom hair. It get puffy when too short, but heavy and bulky when too long, so I tend to keep the length just below my shoulders. I have been keeping it all one length and avoiding layering it. So far so good. Other than that I do nothing much with it, other than a bit of styling cream to control it. (I've been pleasantly surprised with Suave Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream-it doesn't feel heavy or sticky!) I haven't even been coloring it lately, so I guess you could say I am hair lazy. But it is actually in better condition because of it, so that's something! ; )

  3. I think the wavy bob would be so so cute on you! I have a clamp-free curling iron and it does the trick for beach-y waves and if I wind tighter - for curls. I bet you could totally make do with that. I say try it out - I love having a few ways to style my hair that allow me to mix it up!

  4. Gosh I am the worst at hair. My hair is pretty stick straight but, cut a certain way, it likes to flip all over my head...sometimes in a very cute way (like one time out of twenty) and sometimes in a heinous, struck-by-lightning way.

    I think the best hair stylist will work with your natural hair and your time dedication + skill level to create a cut that if practical and attractive. I loooove wavy bobs--I need to learn to do loose curls so my straight hair can rock it. And I'm almost always pro-bangs. It's almost a seasonal thing--in the summer, I'd rather not have blunt bangs so that I can pin back my hair when outside. In the winter when it's dry, bangs all the way.

  5. I think the best hairdresser will work with your normal hair and your time devotion + expertise level to make a trim that if functional and alluring. I like wavy sways - I have to figure out how to do free twists so my straight hair can shake it.......

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