Friday, January 20, 2012

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday, friends!

can you believe we're officially more than halfway through january? i can't. i am notorious for commenting on how quickly time speeds by, but really: this month will be gone before we know it.

and what are your plans for this, the second-to-last weekend of the month? i'm heading north for a quick trip to see an old friend (north being, like, north of sarasota, not the northeast), which i'm very excited about, and when i get back i am allotting several hours to housecleaning, because others will be seeing it come monday and tuesday and things are in need of a scrub-down. hopefully a bike ride or a long walk are somewhere in the mix, too, because the weather has been incredibly mild lately and it just feels good to be outside.

let me know what you're up to and i'll see you back here soon.

photo: installation by jeppe hein at the museum of fine art


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I have zero plans, which makes me really happy. I need to do some cleaning and schoolwork, but other than that, NOTHING is going on. Have a good one, Megs! xoxo

    1. that sounds lovely, steph! i hope you have the most relaxing weekend ever. xoxo

  2. Though I like to live in and savor the moment, I am happy that this month is indeed flying by! January is an awful month where I live, one to be gotten out of the way really. Your plans sound nice (even the housecleaning, which I oddly enjoy, but especially the outdoor activities.) Have a great one!