Wednesday, December 3, 2008

holiday cheer.

so we’re into the first week of december already, and i’m definitely starting to feel merry and bright. in spite of this year’s rough beginning, i have a lot to be grateful for—a wonderful family, the most fantastic friends ever, a stand mixer that’s going to help me with all my holiday baking—and i can’t wait to pile cookies into festive tins and sign holiday cards. i’m also hoping to make last year’s amazing coconut cake again—i’m not sure if there will actually be an occasion for it, but who doesn’t appreciate a 12-pound, three-layer cake frosted in creamy, coconutty goodness, right?

anyway, i also think i want to get a christmas tree this year. because my apartment is so small, i can’t have a big one—well, actually, i could, but i wouldn’t have anywhere to store it post-holiday—so i was excited to discover this champagne-colored beauty at urban outfitters (on sale for $5.99). at just 12 inches tall, it will make a perfect centerpiece for my kitchen table, and i’m going to try to find some clear ball ornaments for decorations. here’s hoping oscar doesn’t eat it.

and i’d love to share my gift ideas with you, but i’m going to have to keep those secret until after the holidays have passed. until then, i ask you: are you buying handmade this year? are you shopping more online than in the mall? (i can tell you right now that i am—shopping in pajamas is much more peaceful than braving the stores, and it frees up more time for the aforementioned fabulous friends and family.) what’s at the top of your wish list?

{ image above from kate spade, who always has the best ads }

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